while visiting our friend ogeday in turkey we then met emre (2nd foto on the left)

he was crazy enough to let us experiment on his weaving machine...scanning drawings and changing colors...and glow in the dark yarn...the machines are so loud you cant really speak in there ...its freaky




Falling in love with a weaving machine and being addicted to pencils is what triggered the idea of the "WOVEN DRAWINGS".

We have invited european artists to collaborate:so far there are 35 and a total of 71 woven drawings.

Each artist made a drawing, some made more,

it is 110 cm long and it wraps around the belly;

there are no restrictions regarding the subjects, with the colors its a more delicate situation:matching colored yarn to digital colors, and once the yarn is woven into the other colored yarns it transforms it again...

the interesting thing is that the image is not printed but woven, the image is not "on " the surface but "it becomes" the surface itself, this adds a dimension to it and the colors are really vibrant, and some have glow in the dark parts.