* * * ATTENTION: LAST VISIT tuesday 26 of june at 20:00 SUBMARINE LOULOU | BASEL | 13-14-17-26 JUNE

captain > MB michael birchmeier chief officer

engine > BL bernhard list

radar > IF francesca iurilli

periscope team includes:

christoph merkt > 2nd man engine room and underwater welding, periscope communicator

dj montes > on board sound engineering, torpedo communication

dj mundi > off board soundscape travel explorer

stan > underwater O2 system, cadaver and fly bait rescue

andy > onboard closed circuit video security

roman > land scout

boris & patricia > underwater spanish team with german skills

marianne & caro > screws and bolts repair


located at MANUFAKTUR feldbergstrasse 138

The submarine is available for viewing by the general public on selected days;

Our engineering staff is restoring onboard systems to make LOULOU comfortable for visitors.

Attending visitors must demonstrate their ability to pass through a mock submarine hatch;

The complete visit includes drinks from the galley and live sounds demonstration.

Keep safety in mind and always monitor children.

no reservations are required.

schedule for june: wednesday 13, thursday 14, sunday 17


sanity is a fulltime job





Failure is NOT an option

No Promises, No Shortcuts

One Shot, One Kill

Batten down the hatches

The bitter end

Between the Devil and the deep blue sea

Flogging a dead horse

Break it down shotgun style

Find'em, chase'em, sink'em