used human torpedoes

broken missing link

sport nurses

being one with the bowl




lost flipflop rescue | bolonia, spain



paste up "BE ONE WITH THE BOWL" | the bowl | basel | aug. 06

this is the bowl

built by pontus and local skater gang

bernhard | big floating pillows | iguapop gallery bcn | january 06



born july 2002, he is mojo



painting in a messy cardboard cave in berlin bbb wekstatt

with gregory cyril daan lennard mylene



francesca | higa | chur 05 | with bernhard, mylene, hannes



gian tree in los feliz | los angeles | sept.06



here in basel came the snow, so we made a snowlady with baby



EASY PLANTS require little or almost no endeavor at all;

Free from worry, anxiety, trouble, or pain;

they don't need water and are always in the best bluming conditions.



this is the printing palace, its the best!



big pins



barcelona jan.05



roots in the forest of basel



karina zeviani | new york city





ghetto grill | NT areal | basel



iguapop gallery | barcelona | january 06



inside the vulcano | Fogo | Cabo Verde



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2 Blood recipes for vegetarian vampires



King Django | stubborn records | new york city



francesca & aude