200 2m city with arches, cardboard shell of fiat ducato

barcelona january 06

in collaboration with boris hoppek

iguapop & maxalot galleries

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we spent the month of january in barcelona, including

the midnight downhill skate session at newyears eve!


boris & patricia took super duper really good care of us

and made us happy, feeding us goat legs with garlic and bocadillos, millions of cafe con leche corto de cafe

with sudoku and some chupitos.



we where going to the beach quite often,

bernie and boris where surfing, francesca dreaming;

we colleced cardboard in the city, we went everywhere to find it, we even took the floppy one from chinatown...


it took us 10 days, we started with the cardboard van, when the van was done we went on with the cardboard city covering an area of 200 2m; bernie built the 2nd DRAWING MACHINE that makes leporello books.


big thanks to inigo from iguapop and lotje & max from maxalot that let us freestyle build over their spaces and helped us tape boxes together, and santamaria restaurant providing us the whole time with super yummy food and wine.






and during the bread and butter this is how it looked


after the 3 day event

we parked the cardboard van outside on the street

this is what was left of the cardboard city

To top credits: francesca, boris, inigo, bernie






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