see what anne is doing today

christiane and seb run their experimental secret lab in vienna

be one with the bowl

most peacefull humanbeing on the planet

A database-driven web site on all living cephalopods


really huge living plants installations, the biggest you could get

enjoy. this is fun.


inside stories on new technological and social realities.

swiss punk and ska mafia.


french drawing power.


swiss graphic design of the finest

art is beautiful, but a lot of work...

francesca's blogspot on what is yet to come

hardcore metal beds from berlin


basels number 1 bashment sound system

basels number one sound studio

boris loyal companion

...inspire psychic evolution and a kind of earth alchemy...

Art magazin from Barcelona. The good guys.


4 swiss dudes, 1 passion, sooo much energy,

Black and white vision.

small and complicated

the prince in the industrial ghetto of rotterdam


lots of projects.


plenty of very expensive books and 2 unique collections on Nature Printing and Sea Weed/Algae